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Robin on kick wheel.jpg

Robin was brought up on the Caribbean island of Grenada for his first seven years, followed by Portugal, from where he was sent to school in the UK at the age of nine. Feeling like a fish out of water, he found solace in the pottery department, returning home with increasingly larger boxes of pots for the rest of his school years.


In 1990 he did an MA in Ceramics at Goldsmiths, followed by a short stint at the Dartington Pottery before going to Japan. There he immersed himself in Japanese culture, working with various potters and studying calligraphy with Shingai Tanaka, with whom he later had a joint exhibition of calligraphy and ceramics at the Daiwa Foundation in London. His works are influenced by traditional pottery techniques which he continues to explore and often blends with contemporary styles to create a unique aesthetic.

He now lives and works with his family in Preseli Hills, West Wales.

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