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Kintsugi & Painting


Yoshi studied fashion in Japan, and worked for a Japanese dress maker and a Haute couture designer in London before moving to rural Pembrokeshire in 2001. She embraced her new life in the countryside, and whilst bringing up three children, she kept her hands busy with all kinds of crafts and gardening, growing flowers and vegetables.

Being married to a potter, her family home is filled with pots, and running a busy family life meant many chipped and broken pots in need of mending. She used to repair them with super glue, until on her return trip to Kyoto, she found herself doing a short course in 'Kintsugi'. She soon fell in love with this artistic approach to repairing, which so wonderfully combines practicality with a very particular philosophy of beauty that goes beyond the constraints of perfection. In 2016, with the help of a kintsugi master in Tokyo, she started practising. It wasn't long before she was being asked to repair pots by friends and acquaintances.

However, after a long hiatus, she has recently reignited her passion for painting. 

Surrounded by rural countryside, she's fascinated by the vast skies and ever-changing nature. She finds inspiration in the dramatic beauty of the Preseli Hills. Light and mist play among the trees and moss-covered stones, creating scenes that seem straight out of a fairy tale. Through her art, Yoshi shares her wonder of the world around her. She invites you to see things through her eyes - with the same awe and joy of a child discovering something new every day.

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