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We are based at the edge of the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire National Park, UK. 

We moved to this beautiful patch of West Wales from the middle of London almost two decades ago, with a dream of building family home & studios. 

After many many years of much building works, mud, rubbles and all, we now run a pottery studio & gallery/shop, as well as holiday cottages, and enjoy the rural life up here on the hill with our children, two cats and many chickens.

We love meeting people and sharing stories over coffee & toast :)



You might have seen ceramic pieces with golden lines and wondered what they are.
‘Kintsugi (金継ぎ)’ which translates as ‘golden joinery’, is the old Japanese craft of repairing broken pottery. They were mended with lacquer called ‘urushi (漆)’ and dusted with gold, silver, brass or tin powder, using the ‘makie (蒔絵)’ technique as decoration. As you can imagine, in stark contrast to the super-glue-quick-fix of today, this process requires time, patience and care. Yoshie has been practicing 'kintsugi' since 2016 and takes commissions of most kinds & sizes.
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Dale Thomas Pottery

Dolaumaen Isaf, Mynachlog-ddu, Pembrokeshire

SA66 7SB, UK


Robin: +44 (0)7772 268 528

Yoshi: +44 (0)7522 777 346

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